A set of simple icons designed to customise notes in Notion but suitable for whatever use you find.

It's only a small selection currently as I just made a few for my own notes but I'll add to it occasionally as I make more.


I'm sharing these under an attribution, share alike, Creative Commons Licence; so use and edit them however you like just provide credit to me (Finbah Neill https://twitter.com/finbahneill) and release anything you make from them under the same licence.

And I'd love to see what you do with them.

Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International - CC BY-SA 4.0

What's Notion?

If you just stumbled across this and don't know what Notion is, this is it, you're on a Notion page right now!

If you signup to Notion via this link, both you and I get credit towards our notion plans. It's a neat way to support me if you found these icons useful.

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Zip files containing all the icons in colour and monochromatic variants.

PNG 280px


280x280px transparent .png files. This is the Notion recommended icon size and format.

PNG 140px


140x140px transparent .png files. Use these if you notice an impact on load times and performance using the 280px pngs.



Vector .svg files. Note that while these are supported icon format for Notion they do slow down performance, particularly on the mobile app.



Vector .eps files. You're not able to upload and use these as icons within Notion but I provide them here if you want to use them in some other context.

Adobe Illustrator


Full editable vector file containing all icons. It's a bit idiosyncratically organised but all artboards are named and ordered for easy exporting.


I'll update and add to this as I add new icons and make changes.